The Self Definition Project was established to provide a place for transgender and gender diverse people to share their stories. We as trans people must overcome adversity to define ourselves not within the preconceptions of others, but by our own terms. Whilst in today’s world there are many voices trying to silence ours, it’s essential that we strive for current and future generations of people to acknowledge the diversity of the human experience with respect to sex and gender.

In too many parts of the world, trans people are vastly underrepresented in mainstream media leading to greater feelings of isolation. For those of us fortunate to feel safe, now is the time to speak out against the negative voices of conservative public figures and media organisations. We must share our stories and celebrate our differing worldview, and in doing so, be role models for those of similar experience.

This website is currently under construction. Check back soon to see how you can add your voice to the conversation. In the meantime, visit our social media channels and tag your posts with #selfdefined.


In March 2017, gender diverse South Australians came together to create a video for International Transgender Day of Visibility. We Are Visible discusses the value of our being visible in today’s society, and what we’d like our broader culture to know about us. The video aims to inspire others to speak up about their experiences of gender, and discuss the restrictions that traditional gender roles impose.

Written by Sam Matthews in consultation with members of the South Australian transgender community.


Director: Sam Matthews
DOP: Stephen de Villiers
1st AD: Hayley Crookes
2nd Camera / BTS: Jemma Hooper
Stills Photographer: James Baker
Sound Recordist: Fazz Farrell
Makeup: Bec Troisi
Editor/Colourist: Sam Matthews


Zac Cannell
Maddie Ferguson
Kristyana Finch
Jennifer Haubrich
Liz Kennedy
Sam Matthews
Sean Miller
Mish - Darkmoon - Mystique
Stephanie Russell
Mickey Towill
Enoch van Roosmalen
Son Vivienne
Indi Wishart


BOEM Headshots
Andre Goosen
Beyond Content
Lisette Claremont
Robby Towill